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The Mentalist Icons
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Welcome to mentalist_icons a place for you to post your icons and graphics of the new tv show.

- If you are posting more then 3 icons, you must include a livejournal cut -
- Your post include icons related to The Mentalist,the TV Show on CBS-
- For the time being, we will accept other The Mentalist-related graphics (Wallpapers, Friends Only banners, etc.)-
- Please don't ask questions about effects and brushes and whatnot. Other communities exist for that purpose (icon_tutorial & 100x100_brushes, etc.)
- you must credit the maker -
- no hotlinking -
- Be polite and fair to all the other members -

If you have more questions, just ask the moderator/maintainer,that's me zuckermaus77. I'll be happy to clarify anything you need.

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